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Never heard the term? Let me break down some history...It all started when consumer's expectations rose for the disposable glove. As all first development products start out, disposable glove prices came out high. Not to mention they started out in the medical field as a safety tool to protect patients and staff from bacteria/germs being spread during surgeries.
Since then, disposable gloves entered many different fields and industries flooding the market with many varieties and styles. The disposable glove market became saturated and gave rise to competition and competition at times, can drive prices down. Not in every case, but this is the very case here.
A throw away glove is where price meets quality and doubts on quality because the price exceeds our expectations. Yes I know, it’s an unfathomable world like Narnia. Wear the glove, throw is away and be happy you spent how much you did on that box/carton of gloves.
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