Our Story


The balance between Quality and Quantity-In the beginning when you first start off at any occupation, not much thought is put in to thinking about the equipment you are using, You simply focus on getting the work done. Compared to one that is more serious and meticulous about his/her profession, the equipment we have, how we take care of it, and in turn, the results of the ultimate product is different. 

Burning through disposable gloves like free samples, the basic gloves provided at typical workplaces tend to be subpar, rarely durable enough to last a couple of hours, and far from long lasting. In the midst of working, it is tedious to switch between gloves and making sure that those gloves will be protecting you from toxic chemicals, and has a reliable grip.

Not all gloves are made equally and not all gloves are made for every industry. The Glove Shoppe, Inc. is here to balance workplace and proper glove safety. Providing you with a glove above. If you have any questions in regards to which glove may work for you and your industry, please email us at info@thegloveshoppe.com and we will gladly match you with the perfect fit.


-The Glove Shoppe, Inc.



One Dollar, One Tree – The Glove Shoppe + One Tree Planted

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that provides the ability for individuals, businesses and organizations to easily plant trees throughout the world.

 With every Latex Glove coming directly from Rubber Trees, it is important for us to replenish what we take! It is estimated that 80% of the world's forest have already been destroyed; NOW is the time to make an impact!

We will donate one dollar per every order we receive, that will go directed towards planting a new tree in key regions such as the Amazon Rainforest, Indonesian Forests, African Forests and the Boreal Forest. Not to mention this will help restore the West Coast along the Pacific North West from the recent Forest Fires.